Apprentice Signing Day for Brooke High School Students

May 27, 2021

For high school students, graduating can be a scary and daunting time filled with questions about what their future may hold.  Students seeking a career in the construction industry, however, have a clearer pathway. Four students from Brooke High School are set to embark on a journey in the construction industry starting with a four-year apprenticeship program, as well as completing an Associate Degree from West Virginia University.


The Carpenters Union decided to congratulate four students (Brad Anderson, Tyler Aspesos, Drew Stewart and Alexis Lucas) with a Signing Day, similar to that of National Signing Day for the top high school football players in the country.


“This idea popped in my head when I was talking to my son about his plans post-high school and he decided he didn’t want to pursue Wrestling in college like many of his friends,” explained Local 436 Council Representative Jody Bonfini. “I felt bad for my son because he wouldn’t be able to get the same excitement of signing with a college as his friends were getting.”

Brooke High School Students Attending Signing Day for their Four-Year Apprenticeship Program.


The Carpenters are always eager to do what’s right for the community and ensure newly-signed apprentices are comfortable with the choice they’ve made.


“I like the benefits that (this direction) gives us because once you graduate, you have a job and it helps you out a lot,” stated student and newly-signed apprentice Alexis Lucas.


While the Brooke High School students joining the union have a long road ahead of themselves, they’re off to a strong and steady start. The advantages offered by the union, with the state-of-the-art training, are unparalleled. They will have the opportunity to excel with the resources and assets available at their fingertips and it’ll be exciting to see what it’s ahead. Signing Day is a special day for a teenager and one that these students will certainly never forget.


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