Baltimore Endorsed Candidates

May 26, 2020

The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters has made the following endorsements for the June 2nd Baltimore City Elections. These candidates understand that the hard-working people of Baltimore deserve better standards for workers, protections for prevailing wage, enforcement of wage theft and tax fraud practices by contractors, and investment in the educational system.

The EASRCC Endorses:


City Council President

Baltimore City Council

– Zeke Cohen 1st District

– Danielle McCray 2nd District

– Ryan Dorsey 3rd District

– Logan Endow 4th District

– Isaac Schleifer 5th District

– Sharon Middleton 6th District

– Jame Torrence 7th District

– Kristerfer Burnett 8th District

– John Burnett 9th District

– Phylicia Porter 10th District

– Eric Costello 11th District

– Phillip Lee Westry 12th District

– Jackie Addison 13th District

– Odette Ramos 14th District

Baltimore City Comptroller

Bill Henry