Carpenters Training Center Supplying Further Demands for Pittsburgh

September 16, 2021

With the never-ending changes and demands in the construction industry, it’s paramount that the Carpenters Union is prepared to fulfill the needs of the men and women on the front lines, contractors, and industry and community leaders. The Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center is a direct example of understanding this expectation and has recently made updates to the curriculum as well as the training center itself.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro with Pittsburgh Apprentices


Valuing education starts at the top; The International Training Center has prioritized this notion across 250 training centers in the United States and Canada. “They put their money where their mouth is,” stated Rich Paganie, Instructor at the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center. This standard of education was set early on and it trickled down to the districts within the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.


Trades taught at the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center, include:

  • Commercial Carpentry
    • 750 apprentices.
  • Heavy Highway
    • 70 apprentices
  • Floor Covers
    • 30 apprentices
  • Millwrights
    • 60 apprentices
  • Piledrivers
    • 25 apprentices
  • Mill Cabinet
    • 40 apprentices


Paganie explained, “Through communication and listening to our contractors’ needs and future outlooks, we’re able to adapt to the changes and fulfill them with little to no delay.” Paganie continued, “Our preparation and attentiveness have brought us a long way.” Changes are imminent, but putting oneself in the position to be out in front of the changes and maintaining strong relationships with contractors is what made the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center successful over the 11 years of being open.


Pittsburgh 4th-Year Apprentice competing in the 2021 Skills Expo

Anticipating needs is an important step in providing the best possible service. One program the Carpenters have established is the Carpenters Apprentice Ready Program (CARP). This program was created, not only to enhance the apprenticeship opportunities for carpenters in Pittsburgh but to provide additional support for women and minorities. Qualified candidates would begin an 8-week pre-apprenticeship program that introduces individuals to the basics and allows for further experience if they excel and have an interest in an apprenticeship program.


The City of Pittsburgh is a large reason why our Carpenters dedicate so much time and energy to improving our industry. It all starts with educating and training carpenters in real-life experiences while being attentive to needs. “I’ve been working in the industry all my life and I couldn’t be more excited for what we are bringing to the table. I can only hope to see further progress and be a large part of the change,” explained Paganie.