Brothers and Sisters,   Attaining your next job and getting back to work safely are the most important ways for you to provide for your family. The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council is here to help you find that next job and be ready to meet the demands that contractors and end-users require for you…Read More

With the never-ending changes and demands in the construction industry, it’s paramount that the Carpenters Union is prepared to fulfill the needs of the men and women on the front lines, contractors, and industry and community leaders. The Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center is a direct example of understanding this expectation and has recently made updates…Read More

  East Coast Economy Set to Grow as Wind Energy Industry Expands   The World is Getting Greener.    We’ve heard about going Green or becoming more environmentally friendly even before the first Earth Day in 1970. While the change has been mostly gradual, our attention tends to sharpen when it impacts our lifestyle, energy…Read More

Attention Experienced Carpenters!! Wednesday, July 14th – 6:00PM 650 Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205 If you are an experienced and skilled carpenter take advantage of this offer just by showing up! Please note, you must be present to win tools. Qualified attendees may be offered work opportunities with the highest pay in the area, including…Read More

  The Carpenters Joint Apprentice Training Center in Philadelphia is hosting its Apprentice Contest on Friday, May 7th. This year’s contest will be held virtually and you can follow all the action on the Council’s social media pages by following @EASCarpenters and some special coverage by 6 ABC News.   “We are excited to host…Read More

  When Facebook decided to build and operate a new data center in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it was a significant step in economic growth for Facebook, the local economy, and the workers, especially the members of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. The carpenters union’s highly trained members have been working hand in…Read More

CARPENTERS LOCAL NO. 491 ANNUITY PLAN SUMMARY OF MATERIAL MODIFICATION   The Trustees of the Carpenters Local No. 491 Annuity Plan, on behalf of the Carpenters Local No. 491 Annuity Plan (the “Plan”), have the following clarifying announcement regarding a recent amendment to the Plan, effective as of July 1, 2020. A Participant who elects…Read More

Richmond Carpenters!!! Get Out and Vote!!! Carpenters from all over the council need to get out and vote for the November 3rd General Election. Richmond, Virginia is a battleground for our union this election year, as we have a chance to elect labor-friendly candidates in the city for the first time in forever. Please use…Read More

October 23, 2020 The Scholarship Fund Golf Outing is a special time of year for our union. It is a time where we are all able to come together to provide support and assistance to those who are the backbone of our council. Our members and their union families are why we get up every…Read More

    The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters are proud to be playing a large part in the development process of the Petrochemical Plant in Pittsburgh, PA.  Carpenters locally and from across the country are employed on this project to assist and support this economic boost. Our Film crew visited the site in…Read More