Field Leadership Training – JACTC in Philadelphia & Vicinty

March 18, 2022

Get the advanced skills and training needed to successfully manage a construction project.


4 Courses Lasting 8 Weeks Each

Supervision Fundamentals

Blueprints, Methods, and Materials

Documents and Inspections

Planning, Scheduling, and Management


Ideal Candidates Must Have:

  • OSHA 30
  • 5+ Years Field Experience
  • Good Work History
  • Blueprint Knowledge
  • Commitment to Course Completion
  • Dedication to Completing Coursework Outside the Classroom
  • UBC Membership


Classwork Structure: 

  • Classes will be 8 weeks long
  • There will be both in person and online learning
  • Critical thinking and planning will be evaluated
  • Classes will be graded and a passing grade will be
  • Classes will be graded and a passing grade will be needed to continue onto the next course


Course Structure:

  • Classes will run straight through a 12 month period
  • Classes must be taken in order
  • A portfolio of course work and outside training will be used to determine completion of the program
  • Courses are free for UBC members
  • Courses held one night a week at the Philadelphia JAC from 5pm to 8pm


To apply, please send your cover letter and resume (including your UBC #) to: UBCSuper@JACcarpenters.org

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