Local Virginia Carpenters Union Providing its Members with Healthcare Assistance

July 12, 2022

Local 205 Carpenters hosted a health clinic for members at the Local Union Hall in Ashland, Virginia on June 21, 2022. Healthcare officials from around the state were invited to participate and assist members with testing and help update insurance information.


In attendance were Doctor Olivia Mansilla of Mansilla Medical Practice, representatives from the Carpenters Funds office, and an Independence Insurance agent.


“We couldn’t be more grateful to Doctor Mansilla, her team, and all of the help we received at our health clinic,” stated Local 205 Senior Council Representative, Brian Layton.


Local 205 members waiting on line to meet with Doctor Mansilla.

Layton continued, “All of our members are often asking questions that we have a hard time answering for them and we determined this would be the best way to get them the help they need.”


Over 100 members attended to get glucose levels, blood pressure, and more tested, as well update their insurance information, and receive updated insurance cards. “It was a tremendous turnout,” said Layton.


Mansilla Medical Health team at the Health Clinic

Confusion regarding healthcare is the norm in most communities; What type of healthcare do I have, am I healthy, is my family healthy, will my insurance be accepted, etc.? These burning questions seem simple, but locating someone who will take the time to answer them is the challenge.


“It was a fantastic opportunity to provide care to the members of the carpenters union of Virginia. We are thankful and honored to be part of the efforts that Mr. Neri Canahui-Ortiz has made to serve this community,” stated Doctor Mansilla.


Local 205 Council Representative, Neri Canahui-Ortiz, explained, “I was a major advocate for the health clinic because I want to be able to help our members as best I can. They have really important questions and I can’t always help them, so for us to have a full day of having healthcare professionals in-house to answer any questions they have, I was extremely excited.”


The health clinic being a huge success was highly encouraging. While the clinic may not be successful for every Local Union and its members, Local 205 supplied its members with everything they could ask for and more. In times of sorrow across the country, it’s moments like these that remind you there are individuals looking to do more and be of help to communities in need.

Local 205 Members being helped at the Health Clinic

Local 205 Members being helped at the Health Clinic