Longview Power expansion project in Maidsville, WV, to be built by union labor

January 17, 2020

Good paying union jobs are making their way to West Virginia over the next year. Longview Power is expected to add gas energy and solar generation capabilities to one of the nation’s most efficient coal-fired power plants. This large expansion will provide well over 5,000 construction jobs, including benefits and higher wages.

Longview Power COO, Steve Nelson, stated “Gas-fired power plant will incorporate advanced turbine technology and existing infrastructure to produce low-costing electricity.” This is another large step in the right direction towards lessening our need for fossil-fuels while also providing for the energy needs of today. Once this plant is fully operational, the Clean Energy Center is anticipated to produce over 2,000 Megawatt’s of electricity, serving almost 2 million homes in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Union workers including members of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters helped build the original plant. For a company like Longview to announce so early in the process, it shows they are committed to building union because of the skills and training union workers provide.   

The project has certainly given some optimism to our members in the state of West Virginia. Not only will this provide thousands of members with the work they are desperately seeking but will continue to convey the importance of natural gas and the usage of solar power in our society.

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