Meet a Council Representative

August 31, 2020

Local 255 Council Rep. Sam Noel

Q & A

(Sam delivering food and toys to the Community Resource Center for the less fortunate during the 2019 Food Drive)

What experience has prepared you most for your current position as Council Representative? 

I would say a lot of my experience serving in the The Marine Corp was helpful in my career in general. The union experience of working my way through the Union as an apprentice, shop steward, foreman and holding office within my Local helped to take what I learned from the Military.

What skills and experiences have you taken from the Military to your current position?

The Military prepared me most by providing me with leadership skills and the ability to work with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. We work in a diverse industry where leadership skills are necessary.

Why did you want to be a Council Representative?  

I wanted to be able to help and mentor my fellow members the way that I was mentored throughout my career.  It makes me happy to be able to make a difference in a member’s career and life.

What political issue do you feel affects the Union the most? And how as a Union, are we doing to fix this issue?  

An issue that I am passionate about correcting are Labor Brokers and work place fraud. This is something we don’t take lightly, and look to make a difference every day. Recently the State of Delaware passed a bill to review the “Workplace Fraud Act” to better combat fraud in the construction industry and create higher standards for registered contractors on both public and private projects. I joined members at the State Capital to rally for this bill’s passage and am proud to be apart of the political action of the council. Informing and educating local politicians on our issues makes a huge impact.

What do the members mean to you?  

I feel humbled to be asked to represent the members in any way possible, whether it is improving their working environment or even helping them provide for their families. I do what I do for them and it helps me throughout my day.

What does it mean for you to help out the community?

It makes me proud that as a union we have the ability to help others on numerous platforms. Just this past year we were able to provide school supplies, toys, and food for the less fortunate, as well as make the neighborhoods within our community safer. I think it’s amazing the difference that we have made through this council in such a short amount of time. Everyone prides themselves on doing what we can to support everyone.

How and when did you decide you wanted to join the union?

I always planned on joining the Union after the Marine Corps; I have always been drawn to working with my hands. When I found out I could go into the Apprenticeship and receive all the training I would need to excel, I decided to apply immediately and it has made large impact on my life. I advocate this to the youth as I have seen it time and time again how beneficial this path can be.

Is there any job or construction project you want to reflect on?

We built a ramp for a family in need recently. The Yeager family’s teenage grandson is unable to walk and his grandfather would have to pick him up to bring him in the house.  The donations from the council, as well as the local contractors made the creation ramp the family could use possible. Council Reps, local contractors, businesses and members donated their time over a 2-week span to be a part of this project. It was so encouraging to watch everyone working together and I’ll never forget it.