The Sisters in the Brotherhood have partnered with the Oasis Food Drive to provide meals and support to many families across the State of New Jersey. The Sisters have assisted Oasis in the past and have always found great satisfaction in helping those in need. The Oasis Food Drive provides meals and necessities for women…Read More

  Local 432 has just announced that monthly membership meetings will start back up again this upcoming Wednesday, September 16th at 7pm. Please reach out to your local union leadership with any questions or concerns.Read More

Brothers and Sisters, Labor Day was established as a federal holiday in 1894 to pay tribute to American workers for their contributions to our nations’ growth and prosperity. Though this holiday weekend will be unlike any we’ve experienced in our lifetime, we should not let that overshadow what this day represents. We must remember those…Read More

Local 255 Council Rep. Sam Noel Q & A (Sam delivering food and toys to the Community Resource Center for the less fortunate during the 2019 Food Drive) What experience has prepared you most for your current position as Council Representative?  I would say a lot of my experience serving in the The Marine Corp…Read More

DC to New York in 60 Minutes   Northeast Maglev is positioning the District of Columbia to be part of a major development project by bringing the Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV) high-speed train to Washington, D.C. To make this happen, they announced a partnership with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. This much-needed investment…Read More

The State of New Jersey is looking to provide more opportunities for the next generation of construction workers. There have been steps taken to prioritize the use of apprenticeship programs for public work jobs in the state to do this. Unions have demonstrated over the last century that the instructing and molding of carpenters have…Read More

  Construction in New Jersey is growing, and the State is investing in public projects that will help revitalize our economy and give local contractors opportunities. Additionally, this investment is intended to restore construction workers’ next generation through apprenticeship requirements on public projects. The Eastern Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters has been especially interested in…Read More

Local 254 Council Rep. Cyndie Williams Q & A   What experience has prepared you most for your current position as Council Representative?  Within my career, I have met many people, worked hard to learn the craft, was fortunate to work with very skilled and talented craftspeople. The people who stand out most in my memory were those whom I could turn to if I…Read More

Due to Allegheny County’s recent announcement regarding restrictions for mass gatherings, and out of safety for our members and their families, the following Local has postponed their meeting this week: Local 432 Meeting on Wednesday the 15th has been postponed Discussion is ongoing regarding other Local Union meetings and when the above-mentioned meetings will reconvene….Read More

The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is looking for members who want to volunteer their time to help our partners at Heart 9/11 in their continued rebuilding efforts in response to the devastation Hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico. Our brothers and sisters of Local 787 need your assistance in this ongoing effort….Read More