Tell City Council:

Support Responsible Construction in Parsippany


Parsippany will be making the right decision in passing an ordinance that utilizes Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) for public works projects. PLA’s have existed since the 1930’s and help to ensure that projects in the community truly benefit everyone. Under PLA’s stakeholders direct that a construction project provides:


  • Project Stability and Predictability
  • Hiring a local workforce creating a pathway to the middle-class.
  • Ensuring workplace health and safety standards.
  • Keeping and creating good paying jobs and tax revenue in your community.
  • Supporting & advancing small businesses.
  • Ensuring timely project completion to minimize community impact.
  • Creating local economic development and opportunities for everyone.
  • Skilled workforce that prioritizes craftsmanship, productivity, discipline and professionalism all while ensuring competitiveness.
  • Eliminating Wage theft and Construction Industry Tax Fraud


PLA’s serve and protect local workers, taxpayers, and leaders like you. I join local Parsippany construction workers in thanking Parsippany for introducing an ordinance for PLA’s on public work projects and local Parsippany workers, and taxpayers are urging you to pass it on October 18th.