Make Your Voice Heard: Shame on Curaleaf


Curaleaf, a marijuana distributer, is branching out and opening locations all over the country. However, they’re hiring unscrupulous out-of-town contractors. These contractors are not giving the proper wages and benefits that our carpenters and members are accustomed to, have fought for and earned. This business will generate over $100 Billion annually while hiring underpaid and undertrained workers. Low wages destroy families and lives! Call 781-451-0150 TODAY


Will out-of-town workers follow COVID protocols and remain safe while on the job site?


Are workers going to pay all state and local taxes? Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, cheating on taxes only hurts our communities.


Shouldn’t local contractors be utilized to build in OUR communities?


Why does Curaleaf want to build in our community, but not be a partner?


Thank you for your support from the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters