Shame on Sheraton


The Sheraton Pittsburgh used to follow area standards for construction workers, but recent actions have shown they have given up on Pittsburgh workers. The use of out-of-state contractors and so-called “independent contractors” is a disgrace. The City of Pittsburgh stop-work order shows how management has no idea what they are doing and did not even take the basic step of having this work permitted. Members and carpenters around the country should receive fair wages and family-sustaining jobs on all projects, instead, Sheraton is creating problems in our own backyard of Pittsburgh. Low wages destroy families and lives! LOCAL RESIDENTS’ VOICES SHOULD BE HEARD! VOICE YOUR DISPLEASURE IN THEIR ANTIQUATED BUSINESS PRACTICES!


Why didn’t The Sheraton Pittsburgh apply for a basic permit?

Are guests safe with this unpermitted work?


I join thousands of Pittsburgh workers in demanding The Sheraton Pittsburgh upkeep area standards and stand up for the construction workers of Pittsburgh.


Thank you for your support from the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

We are not urging any worker to reduce to work nor are we urging any supplier to refuse to deliver