Congratulations to ZALLIE’S SHOPRITE on 50 years of business! They are expanding and renovating to improve the long family-owned business in multiple locations. Now the RIGHT thing to do would be to hire local contractors to renovate who pay a fair living wage to their employees, but this is not the case.

ZALLIE’S SHOPRITE has decided not to hire local construction workers who live in the store’s footprint and engage a drastically underpaid workforce. As many of us know, the cost of groceries has risen drastically, and a dollar is not buying what it used to. In times like these, the last thing that should occur is undercutting workers’ wages!

Will ZALLIE’S SHOPRITE pass the savings they gain from paying workers below what they deserve with lower food prices for our community? We all know that is a no…

ZALLIE’S SHOPRITE won’t let construction workers trying to provide for their families come between them and making a profit.

Would ZALLIE’S SHOPRITE want a store that sold ½ price food to move in next to them and hurt their business? No, because it’s not “RIGHT”! Yet they will hire cheaper than the area standards for labor costs.

Why would Zallies SHOPRITE disrespect local skilled workers by bringing in an underpaid workforce?

Don’t let Zallie’s SHOPRITE snuff out the “local” middle-class dream! Voice your displeasure in their despicable hiring practices by calling 856-627-7585