Shame on Stamm Development Group


Stamm Development Group is destroying the areas wage and benefit standards throughout Philadelphia since he founded the company back in 2015. Michael Stamm, Founder and CEO, consistently hires unscrupulous general contractors who then engage unscrupulous subcontractors, it’s a vicious cycle, only he can stop it! Members and carpenters around the country should receive fair wages and family-sustaining jobs on all projects, instead, Stamm is creating problems in our own backyard of Philadelphia. Low wages destroy families and lives! LOCAL RESIDENTS’ VOICES SHOULD BE HEARD! DON’T LET MICHAEL STAMM CHEAT US ANY LONGER…. CALL OR EMAIL HIM AND VOICE YOUR DISPLEASURE IN HIS ANIQUATED BUSINESS PREACTICES! 267-318-7080 OR EMAIL  INFO@STAMMDEVELOPMENT.COM


Our city’s rich history is being destroyed at the hands of GREEDY DEVELOPERS like MICHAEL STAMM daily and this practice must stop!


Fair wages and benefits are attacked each time STAMM decides to enter one of our neighborhoods to build homes with who have not been adequately trained.


Why is Michael Stamm refusing to partner with Philadelphia and do what’s right?

Q – How does paying under skilled / underpaid workers help our communities?

A – The only person who benefits is Michael Stamm with back door deals then HIGH rents!!!!!!


Thank you for your support from the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

We are not urging any worker to reduce to work nor are we urging any supplier to refuse to deliver