Shame on The Lodge and Preston Schell


Rehoboth Beach is a community that has come to expect the highest standards for living and working. Unfortunately, The Lodge and Preston Schell are actively eroding area wages and standards in our community. Preston Schell is co-founder and President of the Ocean Atlantic Companies who are developing The Lodge at Historic Lewes with Vantage Point Retirement Living Inc. Instead of hiring the best trained and skilled local workers for the job, Preston is counting on Master Interiors who are utilizing labor brokers on the job site. Labor brokers routinely steal wages from workers through worker misclassification. This allows big profits for contractors and developers while cheating workers out of their hard-earned wages.


Why aren’t local workers and contractors considered to build?

Can we trust Master Interiors?

Is Master Interiors paying workers fairly?

Is Rehoboth Beach or the State of Delaware collecting proper revenue from this project? 

Can we trust any development associated with Preston Schell now?


Workers’ rights, wages, and benefits are being destroyed at the hands of GREED daily and this practice must stop!


Thank you for your support from the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

We are not urging any worker to reduce to work nor are we urging any supplier to refuse to deliver