Olga Boldero, a resident of Bellevue, NJ and carpenter apprentice for Local 253, was once on the other end of the construction industry – working towards her architect’s license. After graduating college and working towards her architect license, Olga’s sense of unfulfillment grew and she quickly realized she was more interested in learning how to build buildings than to draw them. 

Once Olga learned about the Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) program by chance looking online, she felt the urge to reach out to Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters’ Representative, Susan Schultz.  

“This job fulfills me. It is immensely satisfying because working in an office was not where I saw myself,” said Boldero. “This program gave me the confidence to take a chance on switching career paths and provided me with the networks, education, tools and entryway into the trades I needed to accomplish my goals.” 

The Local 253 carpenter is consistently recommending the program to her friends, family and those who even have a slight interest in pursing the trades.  

“I always tell people that this program is such a valuable resource and more people need to know about it. The program has to be done ‘by-the-book’ and just like in life, there are no shortcuts,” said Boldero. “They are looking for the next wave of pioneer women who are leaders in this field. Each of us represents every woman that has gone through the program, so the most important factor is to take the initiative and never let anyone intimidate you or discourage you from applying if carpentry is something you really have a passion for or are interested in learning about.” 

Olga is currently working as a carpenter for the Navy Federal Home Loan development project in Jersey City, NJ. 

“Olga is an intelligent carpenter and works tirelessly to get the job done effectively,” said the project’s Foreman “She is a natural and when you watch her work on the construction site, you’d think she has been doing this job for years. She has a long, promising career ahead of her in the trades.”