Become a Member

Do you enjoy working with your hands?

Do you want to work with others to achieve success both on and off the job site?

If so, then the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters wants you!  

Benefits of Joining the Carpenters:

  • Preparation for a lifelong career in the construction industry.
  • Commitment to fair pay, safe working conditions, and a secure retirement with dignity.


Carpenter Union Commitment:

  • Dedication to creating inclusive work sites for all workers.
  • Focus on developing total professionals with technical expertise, effective communication, and leadership qualities.


Carpentry as a Career:

  • Emphasis on carpentry as a career, not just a job.
  • Opportunities for success in a fast-paced industry, working on the biggest projects and tackling the greatest challenges.


Inclusive Opportunities:

  • Apprenticeship for those with no or less than 7 years of carpentry experience.
  • Evaluation process for those with 7 or more years, determining comparable skill level, with the possibility of additional training.


Regardless of experience level, there is a place for everyone in the union.

Union Membership Guaranteed Benefits:


  • Higher Wages. Every Union member has a guaranteed hourly wage agreed upon by a written contract between the union and it’s employers. Your paycheck will include not only your salary, but also contributions to your health insurance and pension benefit plans.
  • Training. We offer the latest industry training at our state-of-the-art training centers for apprentices and journeymen at no cost to our members. We also offer leadership classes that will help you take your skillset to the next level.
  • Medical Benefits. Union members enjoy a career where their benefits are “portable,” moving with them as they work for different employers.
  • Prescription Drug Benefits.
  • Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Benefits.
  • Disability Benefits. 
  • Pension Programs.