Member Assistance

We all need a helping hand from time to time. As members of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, you can apply for assistance through our Member Assistance Program (MAP). Under this program, members can qualify for assistance with dues or costs incurred as a result of a catastrophic event.

Eligibility and Rules


  1. A member must in good standing for 1 year to apply
  2. A member for minimum 1 year
  3. A member is allowed one claim per year
  4. A member is allowed one claim per hardship (lifetime)
  5. Claims must be made within 1 year of disaster/hardship
  6. A member can fall in arrears after application but must be a member at the time of award.
  7. A member must have no unpaid fines or assessments

Assistance Categories

Tier 1 Assistance

Must be:

  • Out of work assistance – $1,000
  • 6 Months dues paid to your local union
  • Must be out of work for 6 months (does NOT include disability, injury or illness)
  • No retired members are eligible
  • On the out of work list (Mix 20/20) without dropping and a maximum of two declines

    Tier 2 Assistance

    Must be:

  • Hardship Assistance – $1,001 to $2,500
  • 6 Months dues paid to your local union
  • Must be out of work for 3 months because of disability, injury or illness
  • No retired members are eligible
  • Documentation required.

    Tier 3 Assistance

    Must be:

  • Life changing event – $2,501 to $5,000
  • 6 months dues paid to your local union.
  • Must be out of work for 6 months because of severe disability, severe injury or debilitating illness
  • Documentation required
  • Catastrophic event – example loss of house due to fire or flood, loss of spouse, or loss of a child (26 yrs or younger) (death certificate and funeral home statement required) Retired members eligible
    Maternity Leave – Documentation Required (Active member giving birth)


    1. A completed application
    2. All applicants must submit an itemized list of supporting documentation. Examples of documentation are workers compensation or disability award with dates, photos, insurance claims.
      Doctor notes will be mandatory to process any tier 2 or 3 applications.


    Review the plan description to see if you meet the Eligibility Requirements.

    You may also apply for assistance in person at any Local office near you. Any questions, please email: please email: MAP@eascarpenters.org.

    EAS Carpenters Member Assistance Program Board

    Bruce Garganio

    Joel Niecgorski

    Wade Baumgartner

    Mike Campbell

    Bob Hopkins