Carpenters Who Care

Member to Member Support

Carpenters Who Care (CWC) is a program where carpenters help carpenters suffering from addiction. CWC is an anonymous group where everything is confidential. CWC is not affiliated with any 12-step program nor monitored or affiliated with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. Members can talk about anything at meetings, this way we can better be a resource for those of us suffering from addiction. There is no easy fix or answer to this disease and Carpenters Who Care is here to help and provide the perspective of fellow carpenters dealing with the same issues as you.


Meetings are held by members for members in person and virtually. If at any time, you or someone you know may need help or guidance, please do not hesitate to refer them or yourself to one of our co-chairs of the CWC. Contact info is provided below. This is your opportunity to save a life.

Local Point of Contacts

Joseph Scaletti

(609) 577-3947

Local 158, Local 164
Local 197, Local 205
Local 251, Local 252
Local 254, Local 255
Local 274, Local 420
Local 423, Local 426
Local 431, Local 432
Local 436, Local 439
Local 445, Local 474
Local 491, Local 787

Carlo Muia

(201) 456-3126

Local 167

Randy Condi

(201) 546-2767

Local 253

How We Started

Carpenters Who Care was started in 2017 when a group of carpenters wanted to get together in Philadelphia regarding the rise of addiction-related deaths in the construction industry. This group was made up of carpenters who suffered from addiction and wanted to figure out a way to assist other members who were suffering. A support group was discussed and from that Carpenters Who Care was started with meetings in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Since then, outreach has expanded to other regions of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council membership, and member-to-member support is growing.