If you are a Veteran and Union Member and didn’t receive an EASRCC Veterans T-shirt, contact:

Joanie Teeple:  (732) 710-6456‬  or  joanie@eascarpenters.org

Also, click here to update your information.


The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to organize a program that sends care packages to our military service members. Any active member that is deployed to a foreign country or a different state will receive a care package from the Veteran Affairs Program on a six (6) month basis during their duration of deployment. We are gathering necessary and fun items to brighten their day.

The program is funded by the Members Assistance Program (“MAP”). Each local will send the member the following items: a supply of their local T-Shirts (include a variety of sizes), hats, stickers, and any other items your local may want to give to our deployed members. We encourage service members to take their picture (within OPSEC Rules) with the local t-shirt on and email it back to the Council, which will allow each local to proudly display their support of all military service members on their website.

If you know of a member that will be deploying soon, we request that you have the member contact the EASRCC Veteran Affairs Program prior to deployment via Joanie Teeple so we can get an up-to-date physical address and e-mail.

EASRCC Veteran Affairs: jteeple@eascarpenters.org and (732) 417-1978.

Military Service Members

Active Military Service Members

LU 432 Coniglio Christopher AIR FORCE
LU 253 Conlon Kevin AIR FORCE
LU 439 Doss Paskell ARMY
LU 158 Dougherty Donald NAVY
LU 253 Fajardo-Mejia Jorge ARMY
LU 274 Horvath Gage AIR FORCE
LU 445 Huey Richard ARMY
LU 423 Jones Caleb ARMY
LU 432 Leonard Eric AIR FORCE
LU 254 Loneker Christopher NAVY
LU 445 Messa Ryan NAVY
LU 432 Moran Casey ARMY
LU 420 Pfadt Matthew NAVY
LU 432 Shaw Cody USMC
LU 432 Stephens Noah ARMY
LU 158 Viola Tyler COAST GUARD
LU 432 Waxler Nathanial ARMY

Past Military Service Members

LU 432 Abramowicz James ARMY
LU 715 Ace Christopher ARMY
LU 420 Adams Matthew ARMY
LU 251 Ahearn Thoma ARMY
LU 254 Ahlers Zachary NAVY
LU 254 Aker Patrick USMC
LU 439 joani John COAST GUARD
LU 254 Almada Christian ARMY
LU 254 Amerspek Fred ARMY
LU 432 Andrew Samuel ARMY
LU 253 Annese Dominick ARMY
LU 254 Anthony Don USMC
LU 254 Antunes Denis ARMY
LU 253 Ashley Jesse ARMY
LU 420 Atkison James NAVY
LU 205 Austin Jeffrey ARMY
LU 255 Bailey Darnell ARMY
LU 439 Baldwin David AIR FORCE
LU 255 Banyasz Steven ARMY
LU 167 Baranowski Fred NAVY
LU 436 Barcus Howard ARMY
LU 255 Baron Cassidy ARMY
LU 254 Barrera Alexis USMC
LU 254 Barrett Joseph ARMY
LU 253 Barrett Stephen USMC
LU 253 Barry Michael NAVY
LU 253 Barton Richard ARMY
LU 252 Basenback Joshua ARMY
LU 164 Basenfelder James USMC
LU 255 Bauer Ryan USMC
LU 432 Bazner Benedict ARMY
LU 443 Bedford Peter ARMY
LU 254 Belardo Matthew NAVY
LU 445 Belusko Joseph ARMY
LU 255 Berezansky Bruce NAVY
LU 431 Berger John USMC
LU 274 Bible Jacob USMC
LU 274 Bickel Dustin NAVY
LU 445 Bishop Clair ARMY
LU 432 Black Vernon NAVY
LU 255 Blades Andrew NAVY
LU 274 Blouse Teague SMC
LU 254 Bodine Robert ARMY
LU 255 Bonacci John USMC
LU 715 Bonacci Peter USMC
LU 432 Bosak David NAVY
LU 254 Bostedo David USMC
LU 219 Brandt Anthony ARMY
LU 164 Breen John USMC
LU 254 Bremer James USMC
LU 423 Brett Logan ARMY
LU 254 Briddle Gordon ARMY
LU 423 Britton Harold NAVY
LU 254 Brown Michael USMC
LU 787 Brugueras Raymond USMC
LU 255 Buckley Samuel USMC
LU 255 Budrow Stefan NAVY
LU 254 Buehler William NAVY
LU 255 Buerklin Max USMC
LU 254 Bullock Joseph NAVY
LU 255 Burlaga Jeffrey NAVY / ARMY
LU 253 Buschmann Edmund USMC
LU 254 Caivano Joseph ARMY
LU 164 Campbell Michael COAST GUARD
LU 254 Caprio Michael ARMY
LU 254 Carpenter Robert ARMY
LU 254 Carter David USMC
LU 255 Carter Russell USMC
LU 254 Castillo Hector NAVY
LU 432 Cathers Matthew ARMY
LU 164 Chandler Christopher USMC
LU 445 Cheli Gregg AIR FORCE
LU 255 Childs Patrick USMC
LU 251 Chiola Albert ARMY
LU 254 Ciampaglione Edward ARMY
LU 254 Cleary Daniel
LU 253 Cocha Ricardo ARMY
LU 255 Colburn Christopher USMC
LU 432 Cole Tyler ARMY
LU 274 Coleman Richard ARMY
LU 254 Conant Michael ARMY
LU 254 Concepcion Anthony AIR FORCE
LU 158 Conlan Dennis NAVY
LU 255 Connelly Michael USMC
LU 474 Conner Michael ARMY
LU 254 Connor Elizabeth USMC
LU 254 Conte Vincent USMC
LU 158 Cornew Jeffrey AIR FORCE
LU 254 Coronado Jeffrey ARMY
LU 255 Corsetti Joseph USMC
LU 158 Coryell Edward AIR FORCE
LU 254 Crum Edward USMC
LU 253 Cruz Garcia Oscar
LU 274 Cummingham Dorian ARMY
LU 274 Curcio Robert NAVY
LU 255 Currey Robert AIR FORCE
LU 432 Cushey Robert ARMY
LU 254 Cushman Timothy USMC
LU 254 Danko Robert ARMY
LU 443 Dascoulias Chad USMC
LU 254 David McNeil NAVY
LU 474 Davis Andrew USMC
LU 158 Daw John ARMY
LU 254 Dawson Aaron ARMY
LU 251 De Mange Thomas ARMY
LU 255 Dearmitt Justin USMC
LU 254 Deffler John NAVY / USMC
LU 253 Del Rio Cerchio David ARMY
LU 255 Delbonifro Anthony ARMY
LU 443 Delre John
LU 164 DeMeo Alexander ARMY
LU 251 Derins Joshua AIR FORCE
LU 432 Dewitt James ARMY
LU 432 Dewitt Timothy ARMY
LU 787 Diaz Philip NAVY
LU 474 Dickerson Andrew AIR FORCE
LU 715 Dickerson Tony ARMY
LU 254 Dill Jonathan USMC
LU 254 DiPillo Dylan ARMY
LU 167 DiSantis James AIR FORCE
LU 420 Dixon Erick USMC
LU 255 Dixon Kevin USMC
LU 158 Doheny Charles NAVY
LU 219 Donaldson Robert AIR FORCE
LU 254 Donnelly Jacob USMC
LU 274 Donovan John AIR FORCE
LU 423 Dumas Clinton ARMY
LU 254 Dusko Tyler ARMY
LU 432 Dvorak Matthew NAVY
LU 432 Dyczewski Walter ARMY
LU 432 Eckles Kenneth ARMY
LU 436 Efaw Josh ARMY
LU 432 Egan Daniel ARMY
LU 251 Egan James ARMY
LU 253 Eggenberger Richard ARMY
LU 254 Eisler Matthew ARMY
LU 436 Elliott Joseph ARMY
LU 432 Ellis Brian AIR FORCE
LU 474 Ellis Dakota USMC
LU 254 Ellsworth Barry NAVY
LU 254 Engness Tyler ARMY
LU 255 Enley James NAVY
LU 432 Eshenbaugh Christopher ARMY
LU 251 Espinosa David ARMY
LU 158 Esposito Vincent ARMY
LU 255 Esteras Jaime ARMY
LU 197 Evans James AIR FORCE
LU 164 Farrant Joseph ARMY
LU 219 Femovich Walter ARMY
LU 474 Fennimore Robert NAVY
LU 254 Figueiredo Shaun ARMY
LU 432 Fircak Cody ARMY
LU 254 Fish Justin USMC
LU 255 Flanagan Thomas ARMY
LU 443 Foley Sean Marines
LU 445 Fosselman Daniel NAVY
LU 436 Foster Jason AIR FORCE
LU 439 Foster Tyler ARMY
LU 158 Founds John ARMY
LU 443 Fowler Forrest
LU 255 Fox Michael USMC
LU 274 Frame James USMC
LU 432 Francis Dylan USMC
LU 167 Frank Garrison USMC
LU 167 Frantz Tyler USMC
LU 255 Frazier Michael USMC
LU 445 Frith Markel USMC
LU 254 Furlano Modestino NAVY
LU 253 Gallagher Michael ARMY
LU 255 Garcia Charles USMC
LU 274 Geesaman Brian USMC
LU 158 Georgi Victor AIR FORCE
LU 439 Gibbs Joe ARMY
LU 164 Glackin Joseph USMC
LU 255 Glass Michael NAVY
LU 254 Glycenfer George ARMY
LU 474 Goeller David ARMY
LU 432 Goletz Allen ARMY
LU 432 Goletz Christine ARMY
LU 274 Golnazarian Emily USMC
LU 431 Gordon Donald AIR FORCE
LU 474 Gorman Joseph NAVY
LU 254 Gormley Raymond ARMY
LU 436 Gorrell Brandon NAVY
LU 423 Gorton Francis NAVY
LU 254 Granozio Vincent USMC
LU 167 Grant Zachary NAVY
LU 432 Granzeier Paul ARMY
LU 491 Gravel Richard AIR FORCE
LU 251 Grebner Steven USMC
LU 255 Greim Kevin AIR FORCE
LU 432 Griffith Patrick ARMY
LU 253 Grimm Wendell NAVY
LU 251 Gully Michael AIR FORCE
LU 253 Gumbman Jeffrey NAVY
LU 167 Hagen Steven USMC
LU 254 Hahn Louis ARMY
LU 251 Haines Ted AIR FORCE
LU 167 Hall John ARMY
LU 255 Hall Michael ARMY
LU 474 Hanna Patrick USMC
LU 254 Hanselmann Johannes NAVY
LU 158 Hart Michael ARMY
LU 255 Hartman Joshua ARMY
LU 274 Hartranft Akeen USMC
LU 432 Hatcher Miale ARMY
LU 436 Haught Richard ARMY
LU 445 Hazen Daniel ARMY
LU 158 Hazlett Francis USMC
LU 432 Heasley Rod USMC
LU 205 Henry Dwayne USMC
LU 254 Herndon Steven USMC
LU 255 Herrick Kirby USMC
LU 254 Hertlein John USMC
LU 164 Hertzog Seth ARMY
LU 254 Hessler Argelia NAVY
LU 474 Higgins Justin ARMY
LU 420 Hill Caleb ARMY
LU 423 Holencik David ARMY
LU 439 Holliday Terry ARMY
LU 255 Hopkins Delbert ARMY
LU 274 Horgan Sean USMC
LU 254 Horn William ARMY
LU 432 Householder David USMC
LU 254 Huber Christopher ARMY
LU 255 Hudson John AIR FORCE
LU 432 Hughes arisia ARMY
LU 474 Hussey Aaron AIR FORCE
LU 474 Ippolito Joseph ARMY
LU 254 Ivan Matthew NAVY
LU 158 Jackson Jay USMC
LU 254 Jasolosky Chas ARMY
LU 253 Johns Albert ARMY
LU 255 Johnson Cory AIR FORCE
LU 274 Johnson Jay ARMY
LU 254 Johnson Jessica ARMY
LU 474 Johnson Nathan COAST GUARD
LU 445 Johnson Thomas ARMY
LU 197 Jones Brandon AIR FORCE
LU 432 Jones Dion ARMY
LU 274 Jones William AIR FORCE
LU 251 Joseph Anthony ARMY
LU 254 Kagabines Michael NAVY
LU 251 Kearney William USMC
LU 254 Kehoe Benjamin AIR FORCE
LU 158 Keith Jerome ARMY
LU 254 Kelly Brendan USMC
LU 255 Kendall Jamie AIR FORCE
LU 423 Kennedy Hunter USMC
LU 255 Kercher John ARMY
LU 167 Kern Thomas ARMY
LU 445 Kilburn Keith
LU 255 Kilgore Timothy USMC
LU 445 Kirby James AIR FORCE
LU 274 Kline Michael AIR FORCE
LU 274 Knepshield Robert ARMY
LU 254 Knox Donald NAVY
LU 254 Kocher Trevor ARMY
LU 445 Kolbush John ARMY
LU 253 Korman Laszlo ARMY
LU 274 Kratz Dominic ARMY
LU 255 Kratzer Clarence ARMY
LU 274 Kraus Mark NAVY
LU 274 Kumer Dennis NAVY
LU 255 Kutz Ryan ARMY
LU 254 Labowicz Nick ARMY
LU 251 Laffey Thomas ARMY
LU 255 Lamcken Dane NAVY
LU 255 Larson Scott NAVY
LU 420 Lavor Phillip AIR FORCE
LU 251 Leahy Edward USMC
LU 274 Lee Larry AIR FORCE
LU 254 Leigh Christoffer USMC
LU 254 Leitgeb Colin USMC
LU 443 Liberty Michael USMC
LU 254 Lichtenberger Blake ARMY
LU 253 Lindberg Andrew NAVY
LU 255 Lindholm Matthew USMC
LU 253 LoMacchio Frank ARMY
LU 254 Lykes Melvin NAVY
LU 255 Lynch Michael NAVY
LU 423 Lyon Michael ARMY
LU 158 Lyons Brian NAVY
LU 255 Mahoney Ronald USMC
LU 474 Maida James USMC
LU 432 Maier Jake ARMY
LU 420 Mailliard Charles USMC
LU 255 Malone Jonathan USMC
LU 158 Manera Dominic AIR FORCE
LU 274 Manuel Jonathan ARMY
LU 254 Marshall Weslee ARMY
LU 252 Martin Aaron USMC
LU 255 Masucci Vittorio ARMY
LU 274 Matthews William USMC
LU 254 May Robert AIR FORCE
LU 432 May Roger ARMY
LU 167 Mayberry Brandon AIR FORCE
LU 253 Mazurek Pawel AIR FORCE
LU 474 McAneny Patrick NAVY
LU 432 McAwley Christopher USMC
LU 445 McCloe Logan USMC
LU 443 McCoy Randy ARMY
LU 432 McCready Jacob AIR FORCE
LU 255 McDevitt Daniel ARMY
LU 274 McDonald Cody ARMY
LU 439 McGinnis Austin ARMY
LU 254 McGrath Colin ARMY
LU 255 McMaster Anthony USMC
LU 254 McRonald Ross NAVY
LU 253 McSorley James NAVY
LU 254 McWilliams Douglas NAVY
LU 251 Meehan John USMC
LU 432 Meighan Allan AIR FORCE
LU 255 Melder Cliff USMC
LU 167 Melle Anthony AIR FORCE
LU 432 Mennow Victor ARMY
LU 436 Messenger Michael NAVY
LU 254 Metzgar Paul ARMY
LU 254 Mifka Chad USMC
LU 436 Miller Kelton ARMY
LU 436 Miller Kevin ARMY
LU 432 Miller Ralph ARMY
LU 432 Miller Sean USMC
LU 164 Mills William USMC
LU 432 Mingo Anthony NAVY
LU 274 Missigman Lucas USMC
LU 274 Molinaro Matthew ARMY
LU 252 Monagle William COAST GUARD
LU 167 Montague James AIR FORCE
LU 432 Moore Justin ARMY
LU 252 Moore Richard ARMY
LU 254 Morrow Anthony USMC
LU 158 Moser David ARMY
LU 443 Motley Robert
LU 167 Moyer Donald ARMY
LU 252 Mozier Russell NAVY
LU 158 Munz Theo NAVY
LU 432 Muzina Jonathan NAVY
LU 436 Myers Larry ARMY
LU 254 Neeley Joseph USMC
LU 197 Nelson Anthony NAVY
LU 255 Nelson Micky NAVY
LU 432 Nenadovich Frank ARMY
LU 254 Nicodeme Juliane ARMY
LU 255 Noel Samuel USMC
LU 274 Novak Alexander ARMY
LU 253 Novak Jeffrey USMC
LU 443 Oakes Paul ARMY
LU 254 Obregon Emilio NAVY
LU 158 Offner Bruce ARMY
LU 255 Ortiz Elliot ARMY
LU 254 Osmun Gary NAVY
LU 158 Ott Nicholas ARMY
LU 436 Owens Dominic ARMY
LU 253 Owens Howard ARMY
LU 254 Pacifico Andrew NAVY
LU 251 Paige Ramon USMC
LU 254 Painter Gabriel USMC
LU 423 Painter Jared USMC
LU 253 Palac Anthony ARMY
LU 254 Pastrick George USMC
LU 254 Paul Jarrod USMC
LU 254 Pellegrino Edward AIR FORCE
LU 254 Perez Christian USMC
LU 252 Perhach Michael
LU 436 Perkins Todd ARMY
LU 445 Perrine Christopher NAVY
LU 274 Peters David USMC
LU 254 Pezzuti John NAVY
LU 254 Phelan Nicholas USMC
LU 254 Phillips Ronald ARMY
LU 254 Phillips Thomas ARMY
LU 254 Piccoli Joseph USMC
LU 715 Pierce Nicholas ARMY
LU 252 Pietrusinski Frank ARMY
LU 255 Plumley Shawn ARMY
LU 254 Pomarico Edward ARMY
LU 251 Preston Richard ARMY
LU 491 Preston Rose ARMY
LU 254 Quinn Brian ARMY
LU 158 Quinn Stanley ARMY
LU 255 Quitee Charles USMC
LU 158 Raciti Frank AIR FORCE
LU 253 Ragusa Jr Andrew ARMY
LU 253 Rankins Donell ARMY
LU 255 Reichert John NAVY
LU 443 Reilly Patrick USMC
LU 164 Rementer Paul USMC
LU 254 Render Robert
LU 254 Rettino Michael USMC
LU 432 Rice Christopher ARMY
LU 251 Rice Glenn USMC
LU 254 Ricker Clayton NAVY
LU 158 Riley Vincent ARMY
LU 445 Rinaldi William ARMY
LU 715 Rivera Damian ARMY
LU 164 Rizzo Joseph USMC
LU 254 Rizzo Samuel ARMY
LU 443 Roberts Jack ARMY
LU 715 Robertson Craig USMC
LU 436 Rock Matthew NAVY
LU 255 Rode Jason USMC
LU 251 Rodgers John ARMY
LU 254 Rodriguez Felipe ARMY
LU 423 Rohde David ARMY
LU 443 Ross Holland ARMY
LU 445 Ross Matthew AIR FORCE
LU 787 Rowlison Brian AIR FORCE
LU 158 Roy William USMC
LU 254 Royle William ARMY
LU 197 Rubio Rafael USMC
LU 432 Rudison William AIR FORCE
LU 254 Ruiz Angel ARMY
LU 255 Rupp John USMC
LU 255 Rupp Jr John AIR FORCE
LU 255 Ruppert Paul USMC
LU 254 Russell James ARMY
LU 474 Russick Robert ARMY
LU 254 Russo Ryan USMC
LU 255 Rutt Thomas AIR FORCE
LU 158 Rybak John ARMY
LU 253 Sager Robert USMC
LU 432 Salerno Robert ARMY
LU 253 Santiago Andrew NAVY
LU 254 Santos Ruben USMC
LU 254 Sardinas Jorge ARMY
LU 474 Schneider Thomas NAVY
LU 255 Schubert William AIR FORCE
LU 443 Scopel Mark
LU 255 Scull Matthew NAVY
LU 474 Seale Jeffery ARMY
LU 254 Sebban Daniel ARMY
LU 158 Serra Peter ARMY
LU 254 Settembrino Michael ARMY
LU 254 Sewitch William ARMY
LU 255 Seykot Kyle USMC
LU 164 Shaw Cedric USMC
LU 445 Sheets Rick ARMY
LU 254 Shevlin Michael ARMY
LU 432 Shipley Dilan ARMY
LU 254 Shoemaker Joseph ARMY
LU 254 Shuster Jake ARMY
LU 445 Singer Edward
LU 252 Sivieri Vincent
LU 254 Skowronek William ARMY
LU 420 Sliker Toby ARMY
LU 255 Smashey William ARMY
LU 445 Smee Michael USMC
LU 432 Smith Darryl ARMY
LU 167 Smith Kenneth ARMY
LU 219 Smith Steven ARMY
LU 420 Snyder Michael ARMY
LU 255 Sonnie David ARMY
LU 254 Sosa Junior ARMY
LU 254 Soto Jeremy ARMY
LU 254 Spedding William NAVY
LU 251 Spence June ARMY
LU 474 Spooner James USMC
LU 443 Stacy Jesse AIR FORCE
LU 197 Stamey Jonathan
LU 255 Stevenson Russell USMC
LU 432 Stivason Justin ARMY
LU 445 Stokes John USMC
LU 255 Stokes Steven ARMY
LU 253 Strom Gustav ARMY
LU 252 Sutton Raymond ARMY
LU 445 Swaha Christopher ARMY
LU 274 Swarrow Timothy ARMY
LU 219 Sweeney Michael ARMY
LU 251 Sweeney William ARMY
LU 274 Swiech Edward NAVY
LU 254 Switzer Robert ARMY
LU 715 Szabo Paul ARMY
LU 474 Szymanski Justin NAVY
LU 254 Tartis William USMC
LU 254 Tauro Keith ARMY
LU 254 Teeple Joanie NAVY
LU 254 Tenorio Rosado Max ARMY
LU 164 Thieroff Aaron AIR FORCE
LU 164 Thomas Alexander COAST GUARD
LU 251 Thomas James USMC
LU 255 Thomas Powell ARMY
LU 432 Thomas Thomas NAVY
LU 253 Thomasen Matthew ARMY
LU 254 Thompson Arthur ARMY
LU 274 Thompson David ARMY
LU 158 Thompson John NAVY
LU 254 Tiu Khristian ARMY
LU 158 Tomasco Joseph ARMY
LU 255 Torroni Joshua NAVY
LU 254 Tosso Alfred USMC
LU 432 Trasp Kevin AIR FORCE
LU 423 Trayes Aaron ARMY
LU 164 Trego V John ARMY
LU 158 Tryell Dwayne ARMY
LU 445 Tuffy Michael NAVY
LU 255 Turner Joseph ARMY
LU 474 Turner Romello AIR FORCE
LU 254 Vaccaro Mark USMC
LU 254 Van Gieson Michael COAST GUARD
LU 254 Vanderhorst Tiare ARMY
LU 158 Vernon John NAVY
LU 254 Vilasi Richard ARMY
LU 432 Vogel Raymond ARMY
LU 254 Volk Kenneth ARMY
LU 254 Wadle Dallas ARMY
LU 254 Waitt Troy ARMY
LU 253 Wallace Robert ARMY
LU 254 Wallen Andrew USMC
LU 251 Walsh Christopher ARMY
LU 432 Ward Jerry ARMY
LU 254 Warren Dejon USMC
LU 274 Washburn Matthew ARMY
LU 255 Washington Carleton ARMY
LU 254 Weber Ronald ARMY
LU 252 Weierbach Lee NAVY
LU 445 Welch Vaughn AIR FORCE
LU 158 Whalen Colin USMC
LU 439 Whittington John AIR FORCE
LU 158 Wilson Nicholas NAVY
LU 167 Wilson Robert USMC
LU 219 Wire Michael ARMY
LU 443 Wolfram Nicholas USMC
LU 254 Wood Christopher NAVY
LU 474 Woodman Angela ARMY
LU 253 Wright Jeremy NAVY
LU 274 Wright Markus ARMY
LU 432 Wynn Timothy USMC
LU 436 Yoke Danny AIR FORCE
LU 255 Zane Bradley ARMY
LU 432 Zankel Thomas USMC