Labor Dispute Resolved at Future New Brunswick Performing Arts Center

January 17, 2020

A $172 million project in New Brunswick, NJ was halted due to the usage of non-union labor. The UBC stepped in and picketed on the jobsite as the construction was funded in part by public money, making the union workers deserving of the work. Senior Council Rep, Anthony Abrantes, worked swiftly to put an end to the contractors sneaking in non-union labor and turn the project for the betterment of the union.

Well over 100 non-union workers were involved in this project and close to 100 chose to leave the site as picketers were causing a scene. Only 6 to 15 came and continued their work. Tools and drywall left laying around on the streets, the site and for anyone to grab.

“The show of solidarity brought attention to the payment of substandard wages and unscrupulous contractors that are willing to cheat the system, forcing all parties responsible to take accountability,” Abrantes stated. With the quick work of the UBC, they were able to turn this project around, gaining more work and better wages for its members.

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