LendingClub + Radius

Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is pleased to provide its members with the opportunity to access customized personal financial assistance. With LendingClub Bank, you get all the same services you did through Radius—now with even more member benefits. As America’s largest personal loan marketplace, LendingClub gives you access to a wide variety of loans, financial wellness tools, and partnerships to save you money. Our purpose is simple: We’re here to help you reach your financial goals.

Big Benefits Straight to You

Get Helpful Financial Tips

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Cover Expenses and Debt

A personal loan could help you quickly and easily pay for tools, medical costs, or credit card debt.

Boost Your Financial Literacy

Head to our Resource Center for a deep dive on financial concepts like credit utilization, credit scores, and personal loans.

Focus on Financial Wellness

Visit our blog to learn about saving money, investing, using credit cards wisely, and handling debt.

Save Money on Your Car

Refinancing your auto loan with LendingClub could help you save over $80 per month!¹

Join Our Member Center

Check your personal loan rate to get free access to special offers and savings options in LendingClub’s Member Center.

How LendingClub Works

1. Apply in Minutes

Get customized loan options that could help you save money and pay down debt.

2. Choose a Loan Offer

Select the rate, term, and payment options you like best.

3. Get Your Money

Your loan will be sent straight to your account if we find your investor match—or you could even pay your creditors directly through LendingClub.