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Stand Up for Your Union Values 


Our founder, Peter J. McGuire coined our rally cry, “Organize, Agitate, Educate”. We do this on the Jobsite and in our communities all the time, but we can also simply “Organize, Agitate, Educate” from our phones or computers. It is as easy as adding your name. The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is committed to making sure policymakers know where we stand on the issues. The more of our members that add their names to our causes the more elected officials on the local, state, and national levels take notice. Please help us and look into helping with our issue-based campaigns below. 


Stop Tax Fraud Now! (Regional) 

Everyone is a victim of Tax Fraud. Vulnerable workers, the local taxpayers, honest contractors, and our local treasuries suffer when unscrupulous contractors use tax fraud practices such as mis-classification, wage theft, and human trafficking to underbid legitimate contractors. We must speak out and ask for better enforcement to help our communities gain the fair wages and tax revenue our seniors, veterans, and students deserve.  Click on the image and make your voice heard. 





Help Fund NJ Infrastructure! (Regional)

New Jersey is in desperate need of real investment in the infrastructure we use every day. Roads and bridges are old, unsafe and in need of replacement and repair. With the recent economic troubles due to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), now it is more important than ever to show support for future jobs for our union families. Help us make our collective voices heard, add your name in support!






Northeast Maglev Petition! (Regional) 

The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters have announced a partnership with the Northeast Maglev. This partnership will bring the Superconducting Maglev High Speed Rail Line to our Council and travel from DC to NY in under 60 minutes! This much-needed investment in a new source of commuter travel will boost the local economy in D.C. and provide thousands of jobs for local construction workers and workers from D.C. to New York. If you want to join our efforts in bringing this train to your region, click on the image and sign the petition.





Shame on VCU! (Regional)

VCU has a responsibility to be a leader in not just Richmond, but all of Virginia. As the Commonwealth continues to pass pro-worker laws, VCU should commit to end the practice of hiring contractors who are stealing wages from local workers and using shady labor-brokers on campus. We call on VCU to develop a proper “Responsible Contractor Policy” to prevent future wage theft, and demand the current contractors at the VCU Adult Outpatient project to stop using labor brokers today. VCU campus construction projects have wage theft on them. Click on the image to tell VCU President Rao to take action!






Separations Act (Regional) 

Enacted in 1913, the PA Separations Act derives its name from its mandate to have separate prime contractors for one public construction project in the areas of general construction, electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning. In essence the Separations Act forces the public owner to serve as the general contractor for a project and each prime contracts directly to the public owner. This is an inefficient contract delivery method fraught with problems such as delays and claims. Click on the image to learn more and sign our petition!