Make Your Voice Heard: NJ Infrastructure Needs PLA’s

As New Jersey continues to work towards providing our local communities with the best possible improvements to infrastructure, we must also make sure the construction of the infrastructure is done with worker’s rights, fiscal responsibility, and proper community planning in mind. That is why New Jersey needs to pass A2607/S1370.

A2607/S1370 will provide project labor agreements for local infrastructure projects including highways, sewage treatment, and water treatment projects. Project labor agreements are an excellent way for local and state governments to allocate the hard-earned tax dollars of the community in a responsible way. Agreements can ensure that local workers are part of infrastructure projects, fair wages are provided, higher safety standards utilized, and that the public will have the best trained and most skilled workers on the job. With the national media already talking about how poor infrastructure has lead to unacceptable drinking water conditions in Newark, now more than ever, it is important that our local infrastructure projects are performed safely and responsibly.