The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters is proud of the working relationships we have developed over the years with contractors across our region. By partnering with local contractors we have been able to provide several great success stories and build some of the finest buildings in the country. 


Our Union is always looking for contractors to work with. Learn more about why you should consider partnering with the EASRCC. 


What we Offer Contactors: Not Just a Workforce, A Partnership 


Agreeing to sign as a signatory contractor provides several benefits to contractors. Contractors have access within 24 hours to the over 42,000 of the most trained and highest skilled construction workers in the country. These workers provided a contractor with the highest level of production and the safest job sites for our contractors saving them unnecessary costs of training workers on their own or extra costs that come from unprofessional work. 


The union will be constantly developing a workforce for you through our own apprentice program. We know that the number one issue construction contractors face is manpower in this competitive economy. Our union carpenters are ready to work today and get your job done on time and under budget. 


Our Issues: Compliance means more Production and Profits


Getting the job done on the job site is what our members do best, but to make sure we are ahead of the game our union makes sure to be the most informed and influential union around. Our members meet and work with government agencies and elected officials to make sure we understand the laws in place and make the changes necessary to build our economy and prevent bad actors from influencing the construction industry.


Our union fights for worker rights. Everyone deserves a fair wage and a safe job site so that they can support their families. Human trafficking, tax fraud, wage theft, and lack of enforcement threatens this way of life for our contractors and members alike. That is why we follow the motto “Educate, Organize, Agitate” so that we can influence those in charge to protect our worker’s way of life.


We are diligent in making sure that we and our signatory contractors and following the rules and ensuring that we win work together. When you become a signatory contractor you gain not just a great workforce, but also a partner who will look out for you.