PA 2021 General Election Suggested Candidates

PA Statewide

Supreme Court
      -Maria McLaughlin

Superior Court
      -Tamika Lane

Commonwealth Court
      -David Spurgeon

Commonwealth Court
      -Lori Dumas

PA Local

State Rep. 113th District (Special Election)
      -Thom Welby

Allegheny County Sheriff
      -Kevin Kraus

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas
      -Bruce Beemer
      -Chelsa Wagner
      -Elliot Howsie
      -Jessel Costa
      -Sabrina Korbel

Chester County Clerk Of Courts
      -Yolanda De Krol

Chester County County Controller
      -Margaret Reif

Chester County Coroner
      -Sophia Garcia-Jackson

Chester County Treasurer
      -Patricia Maisano

Delaware County Common Pleas Judge
      -Tinu Moss

Delaware County Delco Council
      -Richard Womack

Delaware County Common Pleas Judge
      -Deb Krull

Delaware County Delco Council
      -Kevin Madden

Delaware County Sheriff
      -Jerry Sanders

Delaware County Controller
      -Joanne Phillips

Erie County Executive
      -Tyler Titus

Erie County Mayor
      -Joe Schember

Erie County Sheriff
      -Chris Campanelli

Lackawanna County Common Pleas Judge
      -Mary Walsh Dempsey

Lackawanna County District Attorney
      -Mark Powell

Lackawanna County Sheriff
      -Mark McAndrew

Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds
      -Evie Refalko McNulty

Lackawanna County Register of Wills
      -Fran Kovaleski

Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas
      -Alexandra Kokura Kravitz
      -Stefanie Salavantis

Pittsburgh Mayor
      -Ed Gainey

Pittsburgh City Council – District 2
      -Theresa Kail Smith

Pittsburgh City Council – District 4
      -Anthony Coghill

Pittsburgh City Council – District 6
      -Daniel Lavelle

Pittsburgh City Council – District 8
      -Erika Straussburger

Scranton Mayor
      -Paige Cognetti

Scranton Tax Collector
      -Cathy Wechsler

Springfield District Justice
      -Mike Culp

Washington County Controller
      -Ben Bright