Shame on Bernstein-Burkley


Bernstein-Burkley Attorneys at Law is not upholding the area standards our union representatives and members fought so hard for. Bernstein-Burkley is utilizing non-union contractors without providing the appropriate wages and benefits. Bernstein-Burkley should be held accountable for not meeting these area labor standards. Members and carpenters around the country should receive fair wages and family-sustaining jobs on all projects, instead, Bernstein-Burkley is hiding behind “independent” contractors to get away with cutting costs. Low wages destroy families and lives! Call Managing Partner, Kirk Burkley, at (412) 456-8108 TODAY!


Will out-of-town workers follow COVID protocols and remain safe while on the job site?


Are workers going to pay all state and local taxes? Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, cheating on taxes only hurts our communities.


Thank you for your support from the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

We are not urging any worker to reduce to work nor are we urging any supplier to refuse to deliver