Jobs Don’t Have A Gender

The Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) program is breaking down barriers each day and proving that jobs don’t have gender. Our Carpenters Union believes that we are one craft with many faces and our Locals should be made up of a group of Local, diverse people. That’s what our Sisters in the Brotherhood program is all about.

Since October 1935, when Margaret Ellings became the first woman initiated into the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, UBC women have been strong and active members. The establishment of a women’s committee within the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of the most important developments in the union’s recent history.

In 1998, the first local Sisters in the Brotherhood committee was formed. Since then, UBC women have found common ground with one another at networking events and training sessions, and have expanded to dozens of committees with a wide range of activities. SIB committees participate in local union meetings and work on drives to protect area standards. Women serve as Council delegates which ensures that issues unique to women members are part of Council discussions. SIB committees take part in many local and national volunteer projects as well as in outreach to other organizations on a range of labor issues.

Building—and Diversifying—the Construction Workforce

Because increasing diversity in the construction industry has long been a goal of the UBC leadership, SIB encourages members across the continent to attend educational conferences and to partner with other organizations to address workforce goals for women on public and private construction projects.

Sisters in the Brotherhood

Graduates success stories since beginning their tenure with the Carpenters