EAS Carpenters Receiving Accolades for Community Involvement in DC

June 5, 2023

Establishing a healthy and inclusive presence within the community is a top priority to The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. Union Carpenters have actively searched and researched methods to improve the lives of local residents for over a century. In the District of Columbia, Local Union 197 has partnered with the DC Parks and Rec, and their need for renovating a 50-year-old acre urban farm called the Lederer Gardens.

Local 197 Council Representative Kunta Bedney


The Lederer Gardens are well-known for once providing produce to hundreds of residents in DC. The gardens are located in Ward 7, which is a food-insecure neighborhood in DC. Due to a lack of attention and care, these gardens were ineffective and inoperative, forcing them to close and waste space for decades. in 2021, DC Parks and Rec saw these gardens’ potential and sought help to revive these previously robust grounds.


“I live in DC and am aware of the food-starved communities that would benefit greatly from a local farm,” stated Local 197 Council Representative Kunta Bedney. “When we came across this opportunity, I was excited to get this project started. It’s an honor to lend a helping hand to reinvigorate these communities and see the District of Columbia flourish.”


Throughout the relationship between the EAS Carpenters and DC Parks and Rec started back in early 2021, volunteers have installed 500 feet of French drains, rebuilt thousands of feet of garden beds, grown over 4,500 pounds of veggies, and eliminated flooding issues.


Letter of Support from DC Parks and Rec


Trench within the Lederer Gardens

Josh Singer, DPR Community Garden Specialist, graciously thanked the Carpenters, “I’m extremely grateful for our partnership with Kunta and the EAS Carpenters. Thanks to their hard work, thousands of pounds of organic veggies have been grown and will continue to be grown, for food-insecure communities in DC. I look forward to working with the EAS Carpenters for as long as I’m with DPR.”


Community service isn’t always expected, acts of kindness don’t take a long time, but their effects can be significant and substantial. EAS Carpenters seek out areas that need help and will continue to do so for centuries to come. Thousands of pounds of produce are now available to communities in need in DC. Thanks to Local Union 197 and the DC Parks and Rec, we can see the District of Columbia begin to prosper.



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Local 197 Council Representative Francisco Esparza

Local 197 Member