Local’s 420, 432 and 441 Donate Food to The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

As the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many of our lives in ways we never imagined, many of our own members’ family and friends, including those in our communities are struggling. It is times like these that our union and its membership can make a difference.


Throughout the past month, members from Local’s 420, 432 and 441 have donated gift cards that were delivered to The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. These gift cards are a replacement for food and supplies as it has become difficult to organize food drives during the pandemic. The gift cards are to Giant Eagle, Costco and Target, totaling up to over $15,000. This is an incredible accomplishment from our members out in Western PA and we couldn’t be more proud.


“The generous donation of gift cards made by the Carpenters Union will allow our network of agencies to purchase needed food and supplies for the communities they serve. Some gift cards may also go directly to families to purchase needed items. We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Carpenters Union and their creativity in supporting the Food Bank this year,” said Jennifer Zgurich, Director of Corporate and Community Giving from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank