High-Speed Rail Coming Soon to Philadelphia

November 9, 2020

DC to New York in 60 Minutes


Northeast Maglev is positioning the City of Philadelphia to be part of a major development project by bringing the Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV) high-speed train to the Northeast. To make this happen, they announced a partnership with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. This much-needed investment in a new source of commuter travel will boost the local economies of the Delaware Valley and provide thousands of jobs for local construction workers and workers from D.C. to New York. The path of the train will reach New York in under 60 minutes. Philadelphia, Wilmington, and the Philadelphia International Airport are part of the expected rail line involved and the commencement of this project will be a large milestone for the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters and the many carpenters involved.

“We are thrilled to be joined in this effort by the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, and look forward to growing a strong relationship with the region’s carpenters as we move through the permitting process and prepare to begin construction of the project’s first phase,” stated CEO of Northeast Maglev, Wayne Rogers. This partnership was derived from the sheer fact that the Carpenters have a strong track record with constructing some of the largest projects.

“Our members are the best trained and most skilled construction workers in the country and will ensure this project is built efficiently and safely. This project will not just be a great opportunity for the journeymen and apprentice carpenters of the northeast region but also a monumental step in the future of infrastructure in the United States,” explained EST William C. Sproule.

Sproule went onto explain further benefits, “With the COVID-19 pandemic creating serious health and economic crisis for hard-working Americans, investment in infrastructure like this historic project will be the boost our economy needs while bringing our nation’s infrastructure into the 21st century.”

(Left): CEO of Northeast Maglev, Wayne Rogers, (Right): Executive Secretary-Treasurer William C. Sproule

This project will create 74 thousand family-sustaining construction jobs in Maryland alone and more than 100 thousand jobs to D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. These staggering numbers are exhilarating for both parties involved and the expectation is for the Delaware Valley to have similar numbers.

“When it is built, the SCMAGLEV will transform America’s Northeast Corridor, but we cannot get there alone,” said Rogers.

If you want to join our efforts in bringing this train to your region, click HERE and sign the petition!

“The Maglev project will bring the much-needed transportation system to one of the areas with the nation’s worst traffic: the D.C. Metro area. The partnership between the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters and Maglev will also provide great paying jobs with benefits for Carpenters in the region, along with great opportunities for High School graduates or anyone who wants to join our apprenticeship program,” expressed Local 197 Team Lead Raul Castro.

This project is years from completion, however, it’s a gigantic step in the right direction for where we want to be and we need the support of our council to help move the completed date up even more.