Our members devote decades of their livelihood to the Union, donating time to support the community, building lasting relationships throughout the Council. The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters (EASRCC) recognizes this and is passionate about giving back to those who are deserving of something special in return. Constantine Salvatore Solazzi is a true icon to all members within our Council; served in World War II and provided 75 years of his life to the Union. Now 98 years old, our carpenters were eager to ease the impact of aging Brother, with a handicap ramp.


“Members of the Carpenters Union did not hesitate to honor a war hero and one of our oldest living retirees,” said Local 254 Council Rep. Cyndie Williams, “The volunteers of this effort gave their weekend time to help a Union brother to honor his father. Moments like these connect us back to our communities, to reflect on the importance of unmatched bonds and pride within our organization.“ 

The idea started with Constantine’s son and Local 254 member, Daniel Solazzi. Daniel knew a ramp was needed for his father and thought that his brothers and sisters of the Carpenters Union could help out.


“It was becoming harder and harder to get him out of the house, my family and I wanted him to be able to go outside, he loves the outdoors,” explained Daniel, “I coordinated the drawings, ordered materials, reached out to Local Council Reps.”


Political and Organizing Director, Anthony Abrantes proposed the funding of the ramp to the executive board, and “within a matter of hours,

we were able to get this approved.”


Abrantes continued, “Fortunately for our organization and our locals, there are very few hurdles to overcome. We are all committed to taking care of the members and communities we serve. In this case, Local 254 and Local 715 were both great partners in addition to our volunteers in making this happen.”


“It touched me very deeply that so many members were willing to help out. I am proud to be a Union member of 75 years,” Constantine continued, “I now go outside every day by myself and can access the backyard and get to a car easily.”

“As an organization that prides itself in representing its active members, it’s just as important to ensure our retired members are taken care of. Especially for one of the oldest and longstanding members in the UBC,” Abrantes stated.


The Union and our Council is full of hard-working and devoted members. We strive to showcase all of the wonderful Brothers and Sisters for all they do and have done.


“This project meant everything in the world to me. He can sit outside now, access the backyard and get to a car easily,” Daniel said gratefully as he watched his dad roll down the ramp with a large smile on his face.