President Joe Biden Signs an Executive Order Mandating PLAs on all Federal Projects over $35 Million

February 7, 2022

President Joe Biden is continuing his mission to be “The Most Pro-Union President in History” with the recent signing of an Executive Order mandating PLAs on all federal projects over $35 million. With the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, this is an opportunity to ensure that the safest and most productive workers in the country are building the federal funded projects that will be created.  The Brothers and Sisters across the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters are just the right union trained workers to get the jobs done.


“Project labor agreements … provide structure and stability to large-scale construction projects,” stated President Joe Biden.


Prior to the signing, Biden stressed the need for lowering costs and improving efficiency. Time and time again, EAS Carpenters have proven to complete projects ahead of schedule, safely, and while still maintaining the ability to train the next generation of carpenters with their union apprenticeship program.


Through the use of a Project Labor Agreement between the Carpenters Union and local trades, there is a consistent joint effort to provide opportunity for on-the-job training for local residents. Responsible development like this provides local workers the ability to earn fair wages, support local businesses, pay into programs for students, veterans, and seniors. Most importantly it makes sure the taxpayer funded projects Americans depend on are done right the first time.


President Joe Biden signed this at the Ironworkers Local 5 Training Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This is a trend for the President who also announced his Infrastructure Plan at the Carpenters Training Center in Pittsburgh PA in March of 2021. Good-paying union jobs are what define our countries future and this Executive Order is another step in the right direction.


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