“We are excited about the role our Carpenters Apprenticeship Ready Program (CARP) will play as an integral part of Everybody Builds.” EST William C. Sproule

“It’s a close working partnership that starts with a commitment to the belief that, when you marry labor and capital, you get the best outcome for, really, any large project, especially infrastructure projects.” Read more about the EAS Carpenters and Blackstone Infrastructure’s partnership.

On a recent episode of The Labor & Energy Show hosted by Joe Dougherty and Joe Krause, EST of the EAS Carpenters, William C. Sproule, was a featured guest providing a view from the side of the hard-working men and women of the ever-growing wind energy industry.

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The Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Flyers are built Union Strong!

Click to read more about the behind the scenes work EAS Carpenters get done at the Wells Fargo Center to prepare for games.

Everyone is a Victim - News/Studies

Click here to read some stories from right in your backyard, including studies and how we’re working to protect worker rights.

NBC Investigation Team Released 2 Part Investigative Report

“Workers are not getting overtime. They’re not getting paid days off. Often times they’re not getting workman’s comp,” AG Karl Racine.

The NBC Washington Investigation Team released a two-part investigative report on wage theft cases in DC and Richmond VA this past year. Watch the video to learn more about what the construction industry faces right in our backyard.

“Diversity and inclusion are what we need… the [construction] industry hasn’t always been like that. We have an opportunity now to make a difference for these young men and women.” Local 432 Council Representative Steve Mazza.

Click for more from WPXI-TV Pittsburgh as Mazza discusses the importance of the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP) from the EAS Carpenters

Big News for MD Workers! Senate Bill 1, which will give authority for stop-work orders on jobsites where wage theft and misclassification is taking place has been approved by the Maryland Legislature.

This is a huge win in the fight against construction industry tax fraud. Click to take action today!

VA General Assembly Building Wage Theft Case Settled!

“Under the settlement — approved by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson on Jan. 26 and first reported by WRIC-Channel 8 this week — 22 workers received a total of $54,326 for their claims of wage theft by two drywall subcontractors and the company that hired them for the high-profile construction project next to Capitol Square, as well as other major public and private construction projects in Virginia.”

Check out the blog below to read some of the unfortunate stories involving Tax Fraud and Misclassification.

34-Year member and Brother of the EAS Carpenters Local Union 158, Tom Dougherty, wrote a article in Newsweek about the rising gas prices and what actions President Joe Biden has taken to lower the cost for American families, including the investment in energy infrastructure aimed at preparing for new renewable energy sectors.
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Camden County Technical Schools have “always done an incredible job (preparing) our young people for success. These students (learn) skills that allow them to flourish in their careers,” Local 255 Council Representative Jonathan Young.

To celebrate National Public Schools Week, Young was joined by Donald Norcross to educate the students on the benefits of the union and what a career would look like.

“Carpenters Local 439 is extremely excited about the new addition to a longtime partnership with Coalfield Development … Coalfield is a great organization doing great things for the community and we are honored to partner with them to provide training and good-paying jobs with benefits for their team.” Local 439 Council Representative Jeremy Jeffers.

Click on the link below to read more about the partnership with Coalfield Development Corporation aimed at providing better training opportunities and benefits for local residents.

“A lot of people who don’t have a connection [to carpentry] can have a completely misguided understanding of what the industry is. (CARP) gives (women and minorities) a chance to learn about it, understand it and gain a little experience while they’re making the decision.” Local 158 Council Representative Layla Bibi

Click to read more from the The Philadelphia Citizen

A study conducted by Gallup on the approval of labor union’s in the public’s eye has revealed a consistently higher rate since 2009.

EAS Carpenters are committed to providing good jobs to local workers and giving back to residents in our communities. We are Union Strong

The White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment has released their report on what needs to be done to increase worker organizing efforts in the United States.

Read Secretary Marty Walsh thoughts on how the U.S. Department of Labor can help this plan unfold.

“The executive order I’m going to sign today is going to help ensure that we build a better America, we build it right, and we build it on time, and we build it cheaper than it would have been otherwise,” President Joe Biden

This past week, President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating PLAs on all federal projects over $35 million that’s aimed at strengthening union jobs.

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EASCarpenters! We’ve began to accept applications for the EAS Carpenters Scholarship Fund. Use the link below to learn how you can apply and answer any question you may have.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and are excited to support the children and grandchildren of our Brothers and Sisters.

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EAS Carpenters! Friendly reminder to update your vaccine verification in TRAIN and you can earn a UCAN. Only 2 UCANs and you are entered for the chance to win a truck!

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is here and ready to invest in our union carpenters. In Maryland alone, $409 Million will be invested to repair bridges.

To further educate yourself on what this means for you, click to learn more today!

The Offshore Wind Industry is continuing to grow across the Northeast and the EAS Carpenters are providing the workforce with their expanded training and safety programs. Currently being constructed are a wind-turbine mockup, cranes and other equipment at the Hammonton Training Center in NJ.

Click to read more about the latest updates to the offshore wind industry from TIME

Breaking news! President Joe Biden officially signed the $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill yesterday and after months of waiting, America can finally begin to reap the benefits of this bill.

This is a milestone for the country. Our organization will see thousands and thousands of job opportunities coming to the hard working families within our membership.

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Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and their benefits are helping keep workers safe and ensuring projects are completed on time.

Click to learn more about PLAs and its impact on the construction industry. Site created by our industry partner, Carpenter Contractor Trust

“The vocational-technical schools are really where we find the good workers … They’ve had the training, they’ve been tested and they have the interest.” Local 254 Council Representative and Co-Chairman of the Sisters in the Brotherhood, Cyndie Williams.

Click to read how the construction industry is seeing an increase in Sisters across the board.

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“Ending tax fraud in the construction industry is an all-hands-on-deck enterprise. It’s a big, complex crisis that poisons our industry and hurts our entire society, to the tune of billions of dollars in lost tax revenue. Over decades, wage theft, misclassification of employees, workers’ compensation premium fraud and other forms of fraud have become a business model—and we can’t let it become the norm.”